Two Dots | Obstacles | Fire

For a long time, fire was the bane of my existence — back in my halcyon Two Dots days*, anyway. I ranked it as number two on the six worst obstacles, back in February 2016, and I’m pretty sure it’s still there.

Fire can be destroyed by matching dots next to it; by catching it in an explosion, gem blast, or cloud zap; or if a monster randomly eats it. An eraser will also destroy a fire dot. If you don’t make a match next to it, it replicates itself, destroying a dot (or anchor, or lotus, or wild, or ball) attached to it. It seems relatively simple to get rid of, until you accidentally clear something in the center of a big fire zone; at that point, you will have two separate zones of fire, and each one replicates if you don’t match next to it.

Fire also doesn’t respect the laws of nature. It’s bad enough that fire can exist inside slime, but it can also be trapped inside ice — or even water.


Level 80: a field of fire. If you were to somehow clear the two dots under the anchors, you’d have two fire zones, both expanding independent of each other. Don’t do that.


Clear fire as fast as possible, especially when you’re on a level where you have to get anchors. If fire destroys an anchor, you don’t get credit for dropping it.

If the fire is trapped behind blocks you might consider not breaking them until you absolutely have to.

Don’t be afraid to restart the level if you don’t think you can complete its goal.


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Early-to-mid 2015.