Two Dots | Obstacles | Balls

Balls — what Two Dots calls “nesting dots” — are little… well… balls that appear on the screen and take three hits to destroy. These hits can be from matches beside the balls, or they can come from bombs, gem blasts, cloud zaps, or erasers (it only takes one eraser to completely clear a ball). When a ball is cleared, it turns into a bomb, which can give you a nice chain reaction… or completely screw up your plans.


Level 389: the three sizes of balls. Top row center is the final phase (after two hits); these balls will shake. Second row is after one hit. Third row is what they look like when they first appear.


Balls don’t really require a strategy per se — they’re usually more helpful than hurtful. However, sometimes you’ll have balls ready to be cleared while you’re also trying to build a square, and in that case you should do a cost-benefit analysis. Will clearing the ball be better for you in the long run than making the square? You decide.

©2015 by Jennie and Obby Breeden

©2015 by Jennie and Obby Breeden

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