SIX OF THE BEST… reasons to show fewer movie commercials

You might have heard that a little movie called Rogue One is coming out on Friday. If you haven’t, you clearly haven’t been anywhere near the media for the past… oh… year or so. Pretty much since the Monday after The Force Awakens was released, I’m guessing.

Maybe we should slow down on the movie commercials just a tad, huh?


About Josh Roseman

Josh Roseman (not the trombonist; the other one) has been published in -- among others -- Asimov's, Escape Pod, and Evil Girlfriend Media. He's published two short-story collections, THE CLOCKWORK RUSSIAN and BOSS FIGHT, as well as a novel, AFTER THE APOCALYPSE. When not writing, he mostly complains that he's not writing. Find him online at, or on Twitter @listener42.
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