The Clockwork Russian and Other Stories

My new book, The Clockwork Russian and other stories, is now available on Amazon. Space travel, steampunk Seattle, superheroes, and more. Click here to get your copy.

Here’s what some other people have said about it:

“This is a great book, the kind you read for enjoyment rather than duty. It crosses time and space, from steampunk to space opera, and the stories are intelligent, compelling, and always entertaining.” -Sean McMullen, winner of the Aurealis and Australian Science Fiction awards, and author of the Greatwinter trilogy

“A diverse and fiercely-intelligent collection, these are stories that interrogate the future while reflecting on the past. Highly recommended.” -C. S. McMullen, AWGIE-nominated screenwriter and author

“Clever, thought-provoking, and occasionally unsettling in all the best ways, The Clockwork Russian challenges and encourages the reader to see something new in a genre most wrongly decide is not for them. There is a wholly Earthly quality to these futuristic tales, and I can see many of them as full-length novels or on the big screen. Definitely a must-have on your bookshelf.” -Andy Martello, entertainer and award-winning author of The King of Casinos: Willie Martello and the El Rey Club

“Josh Roseman transports the reader into his stories with vivid details and incredible pacing; a moment never lingers too long, and I can see the scene unfold in my mind’s eye.” -Beau Hall, author of Snapshot

“The Clockwork Russian includes more than a dozen thought-provoking stories that reach out, grab you, and make you want to keep reading well into the night. Each one is more intriguing than the last, building strange worlds, situations, and characters that remain long after the page-turning pleasure has passed.” -Big Anklevich, co-editor of The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine

Take a look.

About Josh Roseman

Josh Roseman (not the trombonist; the other one) has been published in -- among others -- Asimov's, Escape Pod, and Evil Girlfriend Media. He's published two short-story collections, THE CLOCKWORK RUSSIAN and BOSS FIGHT, as well as a novel, AFTER THE APOCALYPSE. When not writing, he mostly complains that he's not writing. Find him online at, or on Twitter @listener42.
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