Gaines, the Director of Elite Athlete Development for API, trains tens of NFL players and draft prospects at any given time at API’s Los Angeles facility[…]

So here’s something interesting – the use of the word “tens” to describe a group of groups. You don’t see tens being used very often, except sarcastically (ie: “literally tens of people came to my show at the local rock venue”). Or in the That’s As Many As Four Tens meme.

In an article as positive as this – workers (NFL players) organizing to stay in shape and remain a cohesive unit even though their jobs may not exist this coming year – it’s interesting to me that the author would choose to use tens instead of, say, dozens.

I think the only really valid use for tens would be if there were 20, 21, 22, or 23 players being trained by Gaines. Otherwise, why not say dozens? A, it sounds like a lot more; B, it sounds more positive; and C, if he has 24 or more clients, then it’s not a lie – 24 is two dozen, which is more than one dozen. Therefore, dozens.

I can’t ever see myself using tens in my writing, except (as I said) in a sarcastic fashion. But that’s just me.

Player-led workouts gaining steam, organization – Shutdown Corner – NFL Blog – Yahoo! Sports

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