Two Dots | Tricks

This page is where I’ll put any tricks that I come across that might help you out in your quest to clear all the levels. If you have any tricks, send them in.

Back Out

On every kind of level except Expeditions, if you don’t make any moves, you can exit a level without losing a life. I use this quite often because I like to start every level with a box, or the ability to get a box within one move.

Make sure you use “Exit to Map”, because “Restart Level” counts as a move on the restarted screen — so while you won’t get charged the first time, you will get charged on the restart. On an Android device, you can press the back button instead of going through the in-game menu.

Force Quit

My wife uses this one more often than I do. Basically, if you get stuck, force-quit the game. If you’re lucky you won’t be charged a life. This won’t work with Expeditions, because you pay the ticket before you start playing.


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