Two Dots | Mini-Games | Treasure Hunts

It is the job of every game company to make a game that keeps you coming back for more. For a while, when a player cleared all available levels of Two Dots, the only option was to wait for new ones or go back and try to gold-medal all the old ones. And then some enterprising soul at PlayDots came up with Treasure Hunts.

Treasure Hunts are weekly challenges of seven levels (never more, never less). You get four days to complete them (Thursday at about 3pm Eastern to Monday at about 1pm Eastern, US time), and a leaderboard shows how well you’re doing against everyone on your Facebook friends list (if you’ve connected the game to Facebook). As with normal levels, Treasure Hunt levels have bronze, silver, and gold medals that you can win, as well as another medal you get at the end.

Really, though, Treasure Hunts exist to get you to buy power-ups and booster boxes. Because you don’t really get anything when you get a medal — even the one at the very end, which also comes with a notification of how well you did compared to every other Two Dots player in the world… and that’s it. No boosters, no power-ups, no extra lives, no nothing.

And there’s always that one level — usually level 5 — that is just miserable, that you waste all your lives on, that you spend your boosters and power-ups to defeat. But you do it anyway, don’t you.

Or maybe that’s just me.


The strategy for each Treasure Hunt depends solely upon the challenges you face during it. It’ll usually be a combination of various obstacles in ways that suck extra-hard.

One thing I will suggest is that you try to avoid using booster boxes until you’re on your last life. That way you won’t be tempted to use them all up on something that, ultimately, is just a silly little competition.


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